The last two years have been tough for the much talked about BRIC economies as each has struggled to come to terms with challenges at home - even as the global economy, gradually gets back on its feet.

Amidst this turmoil, as questions are raised on whether countries like Brazil, Russia, India and China will really live up to the great potential they promised, Bloomberg TV India brings you a special series 'Lessons in Strategy' with Harvard Business School Professor and best - selling author, Dr Tarun Khanna.

In the series Dr Khanna, dips into decades of research, across the world, to look at how entrepreneurs evolve in economies that are rapidly growing and evolving. How institutional challenges or 'voids' create opportunities and how these very opportunities turn to challenges.

Using the famous HBS case studies Dr Tarun Khanna makes sense of the volatility and challenges that seem to have plagued businessmen, amidst the recent slowdown by looking at what has worked. He also analyses the journey of companies - in emerging markets like India - from an entrepreneur driven enterprise to a conglomerate with global ambitions, and beyond.