Over the past few months, we've scoured the country far and wide to identify entrepreneurs whose ideas hold the potential to be the next big thing... And now we're giving them an opportunity to win a cool Rs.5 Crore of venture funding. But before we hand over the green on a platter, we're doing some rigorous due-diligence.

Over the last three weeks, 25 of India's brightest entrepreneurs had their tryst with fate! In the 'Elevator' Pitch, these 25 contestants came face-to-face with the jury - Mahesh Murthy, Vishal Gondal & Neeraj Roy to earn their spot in the Top 10. And they had just 1 minute to prove their worth.

Here on, it is the real deal: 10 aspirants. 10 gruelling tasks, carefully planned by some of India's brightest minds.

Nobody said it was easy. But then, it's Rs. 5 Crore.

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